Tempo for Windows 32 bits (95/98/ME NT4/2000/XP)
I had already discontinued to maintain Tempo last year because there are too many cracks that may be found on Internet.
I considered to open sources but even that is too much work and I guess it does not worth it.
So now it's official : Tempo has no future and will stay has it is now...
Correction of a bug cras
hing Tempo when usung "every x years" option

28/11/2004	New direct acces for payment in the "Register screen"

27/10/2004	Bug fix on "Tempo Pause"

26/10/2004	Enlargement of some fields to support very large fonts of Windows

Version 2.12
19/2/2004		"Print all notes" may now print notes without a new page between each note
		only a fine line of dot and eventually the date of alarm.

		You may now choose name and path of Tempo backup file (default : Tempo.bak in
		installation directory).

		 A new note option allow to "warn before" an event :

Version 2.11
3/1/2004		New "Print all notes" option in Menu. Print each note page by page.
Version 2.1
22/4/2003		New  button to choose a piece of music to play with your note.
		You may also choose any program you want to launch...
		For music, you must have a player like WinAmp or Windows Media Player.
		To know more about the great and free Vorbis format (OGG) : http://www.vorbis.com/

		I finally dropped the "Week-end" option because of troubles and actually no need.
		Perhaps you will suffer of little disorder with the type of notes like "Weekly", "Monthly"
		"Annual", etc. But there is no impact on the time of appearance of notes. So the
		only thing you have to do is to change the type of theses notes, if you want to reuse them. 
		I apologize for this but it's not very difficult...

		Finally I think that the 2.09 version was never distributed :o).

Version 2.09
15/1/2003		New "Week-end" option.
		No more bug in "Every x months" option.

Version 2.08
10/12/2002	New "Duplicate" button.

Version 2.07
17/7/2002		No more bug in "Seek text in notes" option when Cancel button was used.

Version 2.06
3/4/2002		New "Seek text in notes" option, opens notes with text in.

3/4/2002		In "list of notes" Enter open now in modification mode.

4/4/2002		New "Search" button in list of notes, to search a text within notes.
Version 2.05
20/02/2002              You might want to modify a note
                               that has a repetition (every weeks for example) and do not want
                               to change the next popping time. Now it is possible: only
                               keep the shift touch down while you save the note.
18/02/2002              By default notes are always visible. 
                               A new button * may be used to mask a note.
                               This note will re-appears if you move the mouse over Tempo's icon 
                               in the task bar or automatically at the next repetition (after an alarm).
                               I think this modification is very important. 
                               It makes the use of Tempo even easier,
                               notably when you have an alarm popping up you can mask it for a while 
                               (5 minute by default, see below). Tempo will make it pop up after this duration.
17/02/2002              New sound files. Some minor corrections and enhancements.
16/02/2002              New alarm repetition : sound will repeat every 5 minutes by default till the note 
                               is on the screen. Duration may be changed in Properties.

Version 2.03
14/01/2002              New menu to enter register code before end of evaluation period.

Version 2.02
2/01/2002 		No more erroneous suppression of Tempo.dat file during installation of regular customers.
Version 2.01
24/11/2001              Notes with alarms, by default. More practical at last...

Version 2.0
20/08/2001              Update of this text :o)
                               Enhancement of notes visualisation 
15/08/2001              Help and Web site updated
15/06/2001              Management of workings days (parts days)
28/03/2001              Management of frequency (min, hour, day, month, year)

Version 1.4 
16/02/2001              Month Calendar done (always visible, as calculator)
21/02/2001              Corrected a problem on access to registry base on NT/2000/etc.
16/02/2001              Replaced  Delphi calendar.DLL by VC++ DateTimePickers. 6 months Calendar not yet done
02/02/2001              Backup of size and position of notes list.
13/01/2001              Now in Vc++ 6.0 (MFC42.DLL not buggy).
                               Sort of list by alpha or date.
                               List stretchable.
                               Web site access (in help, internet properties and menu)
                               F1 (on line Help) OK.
                               Windows calculator always visible from the menu
                               Snooze from current time and no more from last alarm time.
3/11/2000 		MFC40.dll is now in Windows system directory.
                               Easier for user and no trouble for the system

Version 1.3.4 
22/10/2000              MFC40.dll is now in Tempo directory. Easier for user and no trouble for the system
Version 1.3.3
08/01/2000              Y2K bug from OleDateTime of MFC40.dll (MFC of Visual C++ 4.1 Microsoft)
                               Microsoft Update W95y2k.exe must be applied
Version 1.3.2==========
22/5/99                    Backup of sounds and color properties
Version 1.3.1
                                  calend hour max: 23, exit with esc ok, enter ok
                                  recall of hour minute
                                  button no alarm + icon on button alarm
                                  internationalisation: calendar + dates
                                  No more menu with dblClic
                                  email et Web = ctrl et shift and no more rclic et dbl
                                  suppr of note : no=OK !
                                  list with listview and actions (dbl-clic, ins, suppr)
                                  menu enhancement (bold, accel)
                                  asc in note
                                  enhancement of help
                                  international version completed (appli, install, help, Web site)                    

Version 1.2.1
3/8/98                     Update of the Help
                               Add of Update.txt and file_id.diz files.
2/8/98                     New Internet functionnality
                               Suppress alarm button
25/7/98                    Add of date list
                               Update of the general properties
                               Password in about property box
Version 1.1
7/98                           First distributed version
                                  Added since the version 1.0:
                                  List of notes
                                  Visu of notes
                                  Help file
                                  Standard installation
                                  Password with license number
                                  Backcolor of notes